"Climbing Toward College and Career Readiness"


Members & Bio's

Listed below are the names of the Governing Board Members, with five out of nine members having strong and long time experience in the field of education in grades K-12 and at the university level. Two members are attorneys at law.
Shakeh Avakian

Ms. Shakeh Avakian

Chairperson, Founding Member

Hermine Mahseredjian

Ms. Hermine Mahseredjian

Co-Chairperson, Founding Member

Dr. Silva Karayan

Dr. Silva Karayan

Secretary, Founding Member

John L. Henderson

Mr. John L. Henderson

Treasurer, Attorney

Mrs. Lorena Gonzales

Co-Treasurer, Teacher

Ms. Marlena Gonzalez

Member, Teacher

Dr. Giuliana Velarde

Member, School Psychologist