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How does the Enrollment Lottery Work?
The Ararat Charter School Principal and at least one other school employee or Governing Board member are present at a public event to conduct the lottery. Everyone in the community is welcome to attend. All applications received during open enrollment will be included in the drawing. The Enrollment Lottery is conducted to determine your order on the wait list. Your order on the wait list is subject to admissions priorities decided by the Governing Board.
Why does ACS use an Enrollment Lottery?
California charter school law requires a lottery to determine enrollment whenever requests by students to enroll in a charter school exceed the capacity of the school. In recent years, Ararat Charter School has received approximately 600 applications for the 56 places available each year.

Do I need to be present at the Lottery?
You do not need to be present at the lottery to participate. Officers of the school will record the wait list number for every applicant. These applications are kept on file in the Ararat Charter School office along with records of conversations with parents related to admissions.
How is the wait list used to fill student openings?
By California law, all enrollment openings are filled in wait list number order until the spots are filled or the wait list is exhausted.
Enrollment offers made to students are made via telephone and/or email.
If you receive an offer, you are required to notify the school within 2 days to indicate whether or not you accept.
If you decline the offer or fail to respond, the spot will be offered to the next applicant on the wait list.
How many available student spaces are there?
Transitional Kindergarten and Kindergarten
For the 2014-2015 school year we will have 48 or 72 openings at the transitional/kindergarten level depending on the number of classrooms available to us via LAUSD. All Other Grade-Levels Openings for all other grades occur by attrition: we will only have available spots if an enrolled student does not return for the next school year.
All Other Grade-Levels
Openings for all other grades occur by attrition: we will only have available spots if an enrolled student does not return for the next school year.
Are there any enrollment preference priorities?
While all students on the wait list are eligible to attend Ararat Charter School, when compiling offer letters the administration will give enrollment priority as suggested below:
Siblings of students currently enrolled in the school
Children of school faculty and staff
Children of ACS Governing Board members
Children of ACS Association Board of Trustees
Siblings are defined as any two or more students who share a legal parent/guardian (Legal documentation is required). The Ararat Charter School Governing Board may review and revise this preference policy as necessary for the well-being of the school.
What does a completed enrollment lottery application look like?
Only completed applications filed on time will be eligible for a place on the wait list. Completed applications will have:
No blank fields. Every field on the application must be completely filled in. If a section does not apply to you, please indicate why or mark the field N/A.
A date of studentís birth that is compatible with our age requirements
When are lottery applications due?
Every year applications are due by the last Friday in April by 3pm.

When will I hear if my child has been accepted into ACS?
Enrollment is offered the day of the lottery. If you were not present at the lottery, you will be notified via telephone and/or email to pick up your enrollment packet.

What happens if I do not receive an offer?

Your application remains on the wait list and is valid for the entire school year. Any unplanned openings that occur during the school year will be filled in wait list number order from the current list.

How long does the wait list stay open?
The wait list for the current school year remains active for the duration of the school year. Any openings that occur during the school year will be filled from the existing wait list.

Applications are valid for the current school year only. If a child is not admitted in the current school year, parents must fill out and submit a new application for the following school year.
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