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Mental Health

Ararat Charter School Mental Health
Ararat Charter School Families,

As you well know, addressing mental health early on in life is important.  The earlier we act, the more effectively we can mitigate or prevent the development of a mental disorder. In an effort to address the needs of our school community, School Mental Health (SMH) has established clinics and centers throughout the District to provide high quality, direct mental health services to students and families in conveniently located facilities.   


Furthermore, studies over the last 20 years have identified a single adverse experience or traumatic event that can cause anger, mood swings, social withdrawal, concentration and memory difficulties, intrusive thoughts, interrupted sleep and nightmares. All of which impact a student’s ability to function and learn. 


School Mental Health utilizes an integrate, comprehensive approach that is trauma-informed and multi-tiered that leads to better outcomes for student achievement. Student mental health offers a range of mental health services that provide effective treatments and supports to help children, youth and families become better equipped to thrive and live successfully. Services are rendered at schools, clinics, Wellness Centers and through various programs in LAUSD. 


School Mental Health services are available at no cost to Ararat Charter School Families. Mental health is preventable and treatable when children, youth and their families are able to obtain appropriate services and support. The Mental Health in the Schools Act is a testament to this recognition and we are confident this legislation will help improve children’s resilience and ability to succeed in life.   


For more information please call the following site directly.

Valley School Mental Health Clinic
6651 Balboa Blvd.

Van Nuys, CA 91406

Phone : (818) 758-2300 
Fax : (818) 996-9850


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